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"I'm IN LOVE with your shampoo and conditioner 🙌🏼 My hair looks amazing using it!!! Congrats on your products ❤️." - Elisa


     "Ever since I was a teenager I had terrible acne; when I found the Nayked products, that changed. They truly do work and smell and they great. As a guy I don't want to spend a ton of time on my face but these products make it easy to clear up my natural complexion. " - Joel Farbman




     "I started using Nayked Botanicals in 2009 after having severe cystic acne for 4 years. I tried everything from harsh chemical rinses to overpriced "natural" products. The same thing would happen with every skin care company I tried: my breakouts would stop for a while, but came back in a couple months. I have faithfully been using the Nayked Cleanse and Revive twice daily for 6 years, and my skin continues to improve. I no longer experience painful pimples. Much of the scarring has lightened since I began using the Nayked Jojoba scrub. The Zinc Sun Care is the only lotion I have found without harmful, toxic ingredients that actually WORKS. I love the Shea butter for after-sun moisture lock that keeps my tan looking brand new for weeks! Before finding Nayked, I would not leave the house without applying make-up to cover my blemishes. Now, my skin is so clear that I don't even need to wear any foundation."- Cristina DiChristopher




     "I LOVE Nayked Botanicals so much because it has only the finest ingredients. I can trust that it's 100% pure, how God intended it to be. Nayked Botanicals leaves my skin feeling refreshed and revived. My skin screams THANK YOU every time I use it! I refuse to use anything but Nayked Botanticals!" - Giselle Joy Burke



"I love Nayked Botanicals! I am hooked! I have been using these products for years and can't imagine using anything else! My skin looks and feels better than it ever has...which compliments from friends and family often confirm! : )  I love the peace I feel applying these products to my skin knowing they are chemical free! Great looking skin without using anything toxic!!! It's a beautiful thing!" - Annie Sheehan

     "Nayked Botanicals has truly changed my life.. When I first met Vicki I had pretty bad skin with breakouts surround my chin area. It made me pretty self conscious, to say the least. I used many products attempting to find a solution to my skin issue. Finally after using her products, I did! I also came to learn that my skin is hypoallergenic and extremely sensitive, and because of her all-natural, organic products, my skin started not only clearing up, but glowing! As a woman, the first thing people notice is your face and I truly believe in Nayked Botanicals not only as product to keep your skin looking it’s best, but a boost in radiance, ultimately restoring confidence in how I look and feel. I love Nayked! Thank you!" - Falon Velez



     "Nayked Botanicals products make a notable difference in my skin and really assist in the times in between facials. You can really tell that you're getting natural ingredients that are gentle and effective on your skin. I love the Jojoba Exfoliating Scrub!" - Melanie Paez




     After my family and I tried Nayked Botanical products (soap, shampoo, conditioner, cleanser, toner, etc.) there is no other brand we will use.  I have been looking for a totally vegan/zero toxin line of products, and I have finally found it.  Everyone in my family has different hair and skin types, and these products work wonders on all of us.  They all smell amazingly, and leave me feeling cleaner than ever.  My 19 year old triplets use the cleanser and toner daily to keep from getting acne.  They go crazy if they run out!  My husband's favorite product is the bar of soap. This is truly a brand I feel good about buying for my family and myself.  

- Susan Israel



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