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                                                 Vasiliki (Vicki) Karlin began her career in the cosmetic                                                                 industry in 1979 as a licensed paramedical esthetician. Her                                                       early practice revolved around Pre and Post-Op Plastic                                                               Surgery patients. In 1996, Vasiliki opened Palm Beach                                                                 County’s first Medical “Spa”.  Europa Medi-Spa was                                                     z              showcased on the pages of “W” magazine, countless journals, newspaper articles and featured on radio and television.


Knowing first hand that a truly vegan skin care line did not exist, she launched Nayked Botanicals® from customized potions for her select patient base to be available everywhere.


Years of research, travel and persistent formulation, culminated in the Chemical Free, Toxin Free skin, hair and body products with absolutely nothing to hide!


As Vasiliki continues to consult medical facilities and resort spas spanning the globe, Nayked Botanicals®, is more than a brand; it is part of a collaborative movement toward a holistic lifestyle in the creation of a safer and healthier world, now and for future generations.


For Vasiliki, this journey has not ended but will continue on as new discoveries are made and her research continues. Vasiliki believes that this is exactly what God created her to do.

GEN 1:12

Vasiliki Holding Herbs and Other Plants In The Garden
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